May 7, 2012

Fresh Italian Food

There's been a lot of cooking going on over in Oscualti 15 (that's our apartment). Me and a few friends made pasta from scratch using empty wine bottles to roll out the dough! Another night, my roommates and I had a yummy potluck of food fresh from our neighborhood market with our neighbors who are also in our study abroad program.

  Kaity with the bruschetta we made

Lakeside Get-Away

Last weekend my roommate and I decided to beat the heat of city and take the train to a nearby town, Lecco. Getting out of Milan and back to the small villages of Italy reminded me why I fell in love with this country five years ago. The mountains against the lake were straight out of a painting. Literally. It inspired many of the Renaissance landscape pieces.

Apr 21, 2012

Exciting News All Around

This has been a week full of exciting news! I have started my internship at Everplaces which will continue on into the summer and I was added to their about page and everything.

Also, I have been trip planning galore. Mid-May I will be going to Corfu, Greece then straight to Stockholm, Sweden and then London and Scotland. Not a bad way to end the semester. It's crazy that it's almost over.

Apr 16, 2012

We Rode The Train All Over Germany And Had A Grand Time

Germany was just what Kaity and I needed. Trees, nature, hipsters, good beer; it was blissful. We took the train from Aachen, Germany to Berlin, then to Nuremberg, and ended in Freiburg (in the Black Forest!). I feel like I really got to know Germany and I think I left my heart there.

 In the Memorial to the Murdered Jews in Berlin

 Lots of time on the train, but we didn't complain



 The best, freshly brewed beer

 Our hostel in Freiburg

 We rented bikes and rode them all over town


The Black Forest

Easter Break Scenes

Yours Truly Featured on Whitworth's English Blog

My lovely English professor, Nicole, contacted me and asked if I would write a "postcard" for Whitworth's English department blog. You can check it out here :)

A Whirlwind Tour of Paris

It's rainy and gray here, but I don't mind because it gives me an excuse to curl up and drink some tea and catch up on my blogging :) For Easter break I went to Paris (and Germany, that post is to come soon!) to visit my best friend, Stacy, who is studying abroad there. She was the perfect hostess, having made a lengthy list of all the Parisian must-do's for my whirlwind two-day visit.

We both are in love with Bob Dylan, so we visited a fabulous exhibition 

 See, she even cooked for me!

 Shakespeare & Company was one of my favorite stops

 The prettiest at night

 At the Hall of Mirrors in Versaille

 Tea & macaroons at Laudree 

 So many people at the Mona Lisa

My favorite picture I took

Mar 19, 2012

A Quiet Weekend And An Exciting Discovery

While everyone seems to be off every weekend, my roommates and I are getting to know Milan a bit better. I have time to travel when school is over and am saving up my money for that, which is fine by me because Milan has more and more to offer as the time passes.

Yesterday we were walking through our neighborhood park and saw people coming out of this gorgeous building that we had assumed was abandoned. We went in and found that while the first floor is not used, the second floor is a library. Being me, I was giddy, especially when the librarians lead me to the small English section. Not only does this mean free books to read, but the villa is the perfect place to spend the afternoon, with ornately decorated ceilings, chandeliers, and ancient detailing. I know where I'll be posting from now...

That's my new favorite library!

Mar 15, 2012

Paint Milan Yellow

Color has always been inspiring to me and being in Europe in the winter, there seemed to be a lack of it. I have this vivid memory of standing on the second story of a train station in London and looking out at a sea of black pea coats and scarves. There was no color. Milan is similar in that respect and for my photography midterm project I decided to go find some color for myself. 

Mar 10, 2012

Lovely London Memories

A video I made of some beautiful moments in London.