Mar 19, 2012

A Quiet Weekend And An Exciting Discovery

While everyone seems to be off every weekend, my roommates and I are getting to know Milan a bit better. I have time to travel when school is over and am saving up my money for that, which is fine by me because Milan has more and more to offer as the time passes.

Yesterday we were walking through our neighborhood park and saw people coming out of this gorgeous building that we had assumed was abandoned. We went in and found that while the first floor is not used, the second floor is a library. Being me, I was giddy, especially when the librarians lead me to the small English section. Not only does this mean free books to read, but the villa is the perfect place to spend the afternoon, with ornately decorated ceilings, chandeliers, and ancient detailing. I know where I'll be posting from now...

That's my new favorite library!

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