Apr 16, 2012

A Whirlwind Tour of Paris

It's rainy and gray here, but I don't mind because it gives me an excuse to curl up and drink some tea and catch up on my blogging :) For Easter break I went to Paris (and Germany, that post is to come soon!) to visit my best friend, Stacy, who is studying abroad there. She was the perfect hostess, having made a lengthy list of all the Parisian must-do's for my whirlwind two-day visit.

We both are in love with Bob Dylan, so we visited a fabulous exhibition 

 See, she even cooked for me!

 Shakespeare & Company was one of my favorite stops

 The prettiest at night

 At the Hall of Mirrors in Versaille

 Tea & macaroons at Laudree 

 So many people at the Mona Lisa

My favorite picture I took

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  1. Lovely! Ah I wish you were back here so I could do more Parisian things with you! We'll have to come back together one day, you were the perfect partner in Paris :) PS I love that last photo as well!