Mar 10, 2012

Visit From A Best Friend

I've been an awful blogger lately. Mostly because there hasn't been too many exciting things to tell (but that's probably just an excuse I'm telling myself to cover up the fact that I'm lazy).

Last weekend, my good friend Stacy, who is studying abroad in Paris, came to Milan to visit. We explored Milan and playing the role of tour guide made me appreciate the city even more. The second day we took a day trip to a nearby Medieval Village called Bergamo and wandered around the city, with gelato in hand of course. I can sum the weekend up by two words: laughing and eating. We ate so much good food and it was so nice to have a little piece of home.

The only picture we got together. In front of the castle in Milan. 

The most amazing focaccia pizza in Bergamo. 

 Bergamo, Italy

Bergamo, Italy

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