Mar 10, 2012

Midterm Frenzy

Midterms are coming up this week, thus my weekend is consumed with studying. This is probably a good thing since I've barely done any homework since I've been here. I really dislike the European teaching style and am a bit homesick for Whitworth where we tend to sit in a circle and discuss our readings. There is a ton of homework and reading at Whitworth, but being away from that has made me appreciate how hard my professors make me work. Here, I attend lectures and do a little reading and then midterms come and everyone (including me) is in a frenzy because we never had to do the homework.

Studying is made a little easier by doing it at Arnold Coffee, modeled after an American coffee shop. My roommates and I have spread out our papers all over a big, oak table and it feels like home.

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