Feb 12, 2012

Classes and Big Cups of Coffee

It has been nice settling and getting into a routine again. I had my first week of classes this past week and even though I feel like I am in class a lot, I love them all. Only in Milan would I be able to take classes such as: Luxury you Must Afford: Communication, Persuasion and the Made in Italy Survival Strategies; Culture Industry Revisited: Role and Effects of Old and New Media on Society; A Descent Into Hell: Virtues and Vices In Renaissance Italian Literature from Dante to Machiavelli; Italian Language and Culture; and Photography. 

Talking about Coco Chanel, Dante (while living in the same region of Italy in which he was born), and social media is such a welcomed change. 

Classes are so different here though. First off, they are really long, and secondly, it is more of a lecture style. I'm used to my literature classes at Whitworth where we all form a circle and talk about books. I'm kind of missing that right now. 

Yesterday, I went with two of my roommates to an American style bakery. When I walked in and saw big cups of coffee and eggs I got a big smile on my face and the cashier laughed at me. I like to think that I can adapt to different cultures fairly easily, but not having peanut butter or big cups of coffee (they don't even have mochas!) is wearing on me. We had a lovely breakfast of french toast, eggs, and pancakes. It was nice to be American for an hour. 

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