Jan 10, 2012


The past few days have been filled with an overwhelming amount of art, which has been great, but my feet are aching. I spent all of yesterday at the National Gallery which covered 700 years of art. For me, the more modern the better, so there were a few too many naked babies and portraits for my taste. However, we still managed to spend hours admiring all of the pieces. I stood entranced by the Van Goughs, Renoirs, and Monets.

Today most of my Jan-term group attended one of the most notable Leonardo Da Vinci exhibits ever displayed. For the first time ever, both versions of Madonna of the Rocks were in the same room.

Afterwards, Natalie and I went to the National Portrait Gallery and I was delighted to see my first Andy Warhol prints in person.

It's been a lot of culture in two days.

The only picture (which I wasn't supposed to take since there were no pictures allowed in the gallery) of the past few days. Kisses for John Milton.

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