Dec 18, 2011

Pre-Trip Meditations

I've been idly waiting to start posting away on here. Now that I finally have some down time (with finals over!) it's time to kick off this blog. I'm assuming that most of you who are following me here know my plans. But just in case, let me fill you in.

I am so incredibly lucky to be leaving for London in about two weeks for a Jan-Term trip with my university (Whitworth University) called British Culture Through the Arts. About 30 of us will be attending plays and browsing galleries. Pretty much living the good life for three and a half weeks. The best part is that my roommate of the past two and a half years (and amazing friend), Natalie, is going on this trip as well.

I then will be hopping on a plane to Milan for four months. I'll be studying at Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in the heart of Milan. One of my close friends from Whitworth, Kaity, will be my roommate and travel buddy.

On a different note, these are the only pictures I have of our Milan apartment, but I thought they were worth sharing. I'm loving the modern mixed with traditional feel.


  1. Wow, Katie, I love your travel abroad blog! So professional and informative. This will be a nice way to communicate. It will be fun to read all the updates.

  2. Katie, we look forward to hearing about your adventures!

  3. Do you have any pics of your London apartment?

  4. Not yet, Mom. I know what the hotel is but haven't looked up pictures. I'll post some once we get there.

  5. Katie! I am so excited to follow you!! I am jealous of your adventures and plan to be living vicariously through you for the next few months. Enjoy London and if you go to Paris hug the tower for me. Have a wonderful time!

    P.S. your apartment in Milan looks wonderful. I way like it.